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User account self-delete (UASD2) Türkçe Paketi

Dil Paketi User account self-delete (UASD2) Türkçe Paketi 1.1.5

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Dil Paketi
With this add-on every user can delete himself. This is also in the sense of the GDPR.

  • Reason for deletion / cancel deletion
  • The password must be confirmed for deletion.
  • Check-box which must be ticked
  • Option: Grace period for the actual account deletion. 0 = Deletion is executed immediately
  • Option: After requesting the deletion Logout takes place
  • Option: After a new login, the cancellation of the deletion takes place
  • Option: User group for pending deletions
  • Option: Delete Account or disable
  • Option to move a disabled account to another group
  • E-Mails for: Account deletion -> scheduled, cancelled, completed
  • Anonymization of User data
  • Permission "Can self delete"
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